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Small packaging of edible oil has become the mainstream of the development of the market

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Edible oil in our diet has irreplaceable status, with the improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of the quality of edible oil is also getting higher and higher. In the market, the edible oil varieties are endless. In addition to the blending of oil, peanut oil, olive oil and so on vegetable oil. The development of edible oil varieties is gradually to the high-end development, and packaging also need to keep up with the pace of.

In the recent period, edible oil market new Diechu, the market is no longer the soybean oil and peanut oil the two points of the world, corn oil, olive oil, camellia seed oil is more and more kinds of petroleum let consumers more choice. For consumers in the purchase of edible oil confusion, China Agricultural University, nutrition expert Zhu Yi said that the current consumption of oil from high to low will be divided into four grades, the higher the level, the better the quality of the oil. She suggested that she should buy pure cooking oil instead of cooking oil. Because China has not yet developed a unified national standard for cooking and cooking oil. Because the mixed oil product formula is not mandatory, some companies in order to reduce costs, the use of lower cost of oil as a major component of the blend of oil, but at random exaggerated publicity. In addition, adult daily intake of edible oil is limited to 25 grams, as long as it is in line with the national standard of edible oil can be, but also from the point of view of nutrition, balanced consumption.

We should pay attention to the production and quality of the date of purchase, must choose the regular manufacturers of the production, the national certification of oil, to ensure the quality of oil products. Should also try to select a small package of oil, reduce oxidation, retain nutrition. However, it is best to frequently rotate a variety of oil, can achieve the purpose of balanced nutrition. Edible oil market flourishing, don't know you have attention edible oil packaging in terms of material or an external form is also escalating. Edible oil packaging materials: environmental protection packing into a trend at present market of our country edible oil bottle packaging material is glass, pet, PE, tin and so on. In which there are the use of paper-based packaging, but the current domestic market is still very rare. Because of the variety of packaging materials, the quality of edible oil to ensure that the best? The preservation conditions from oil, the best edible oil bottle material is of course tinplate and paper. However, due to the high price of both packaging materials, not easy to be accepted by most people. And pet food bottle price is moderate, and has a transparent, can very good see edible oil color, is free of foreign matter and so on, is currently on the market most of the edible oil bottle. The material used in the edible oil bottle on a number of PE. It is not only transparent and air tightness is poor, not suitable for long-term storage of material.

Edible oil bottle for strength, transparency, permeability and so on have strict requirements, the PET bottle is in the edible oil bottle in the mainstream. However, due to the PET bottles or shortcomings, the future environmental protection packaging will be edible oil bottle packaging the main development trend. In the packaging of edible oil bottle in order to better protect the edible oil, for bottle lid is mostly used to tear open lid and plastic ring. The two cover, in the use of extremely inconvenient, especially for tear open lid, although in security and sealing function, do more in place, but in the open, the lid of the ring is not yet fully open in it is easy to break. In addition to olive oil, edible oil bottle now most using transparent PET material, and is in the form of family, edible oil storage is also a problem. We all know that plastic bottled products are not suitable for long-term storage, released from the toxic substances will damage our body. Some add vitamin E in edible oil in effect is little, just choose the relative safety of packaging from the purchase. Edible oil packaging shape: small packaging into the mainstream more than 20 years ago, people would like to play the same as soy sauce to buy bulk oil store. Until the beginning of 1990s, the first bottle of "golden dragon fish" small packaging of edible oil appears in the Chinese market. Since then, the health and safety of bottled oil gradually favored by consumers, the bulk oil gradually withdraw from the domestic large and medium-sized city. In terms of the current situation of edible oil market, China has about 2600 tons of edible oil consumption. Small package edible oil only edible oil sales accounted for the entire 15%~20%, but its future potential should not be underestimated. In the small package edible oil market, the brand is the most important factor to the choice of the consumer. With the improvement of people's living standard, people's consumption habits are from the bulk oil to a more quality assurance of small packaging of edible oil development. Experts predict that the future of small packaged edible oil growth rate, good market prospects, with a strong competitive advantage, but the overall competitiveness of the industry will be more intense.

In order to compete for the market of edible oil companies are increasing efforts to increase publicity, distribution. In addition, the small packaging of edible oil is still the most important enterprises and institutions to buy goods, to the people caused by a small package of edible oil and quality view. For a long time, it has played a subtle role in the development of household consumption habits from bulk oil to small packaging refined oil. Different places, such as urban and rural, large cities and small cities, small packaging edible oil consumption ratio is also different. In Singapore, Japan and Hongkong in China, small packaging of edible oil has accounted for the local edible oil market sales of 50%~60%. But in the Chinese mainland edible oil market, the proportion of small packaged edible oil is only 10%, but in the city, the proportion was 30%, the big city has reached 60%.