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The demand index of small corn processing equipment is getting higher and higher

Detailed Description

Small corn processing equipment is increasingly high demand index! With the big bumper harvest of corn, small corn processing equipment of the surge in demand, every day all parts of the country's customer advisory corn processing equipment, small corn processing equipment is most farmer friends or County Friends of the processing required.

Someone asked: "my house is in the northeast of Heilongjiang, we have a lot of corn, want to do foreign processing, which kind of equipment is more appropriate?" And there are people asked: "I want to corn processing, grinding surface can also processing mass small particles, with agriculture and animal husbandry, to recommend a machine", the various kinds of problems are many, here, I recommend small corn processing equipment. Small corn processing equipment, also known as corn peeling of grits, corn ballast sub machine, northeast sub ballast machine, corn ballast sub machine, maize grits, corn grits, corn processing equipment and so on a variety of names, Henan Xinfeng foodstuff machinery making corn grits machine main features: easy operation, high yield, low power consumption, the corn one-time finish cleaning, peeling, removing embryo to root, to black umbilical, crushing, grits, classification, polishing, cleaning, packaging and other processes are completed in one time.

They finished clean machine, uniform particles, bright color, can be directly into the supermarket and grain and oil wholesale market. Therefore, it can be found that the small corn processing machinery to grinding corn flour, corn can be processed in large and small particles, is your best choice!