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Vibration filter

Vibration filter

Basic Details: 本过滤机是根据各行业固液分离过滤中常见的问题,引进行业国际先进技术开发研制而成的,滤叶采用了特种不锈钢滤网,寿命长、产量大、精度高;独创的压


Basic Details

This filter is according to the solid-liquid separation in industries filtration in common problems, the introduction of industry international advanced technology development and development, leaf filter using special stainless steel strainer, long service life, high yield, high precision; original oil pressing device, residue oil low, easy operation, will in the slag is in the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries in the production of bleaching oil filtration, clarification and filtration, crystallization of the filtering separation process, particularly in the oil industry, cottonseed, rapeseed, canola, machine pressed crude oil to filter, is not easy to slag and other problems.