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Wheat Flour Making Machine
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Factory Price 10TPD  Wheat Flour Making Machinery

Factory Price 10TPD Wheat Flour Making Machinery

Basic Details: The complete equipment is mainly used to mill wheat into wheat flour.


Basic Details

Complete set of wheat flour machine can be divided into THREE parts:

1. Cleaning part

to clean out the middle and small impurity from wheat. e.g., dust, stone, magnetic material, wheat was bitten by insect and so on. Includes beating, screening, destoner, magnetic separator  and dampening. This section is to prepare for milling part and to protect the machinery as well.

2. Milling part

 The second step, to mill the grain and separate the flour, bran and other by-product:

(1) Mill: mill the grain to break the integrity by the roller moving.

(2) Sifter: to separate the flour,bran and other by-product, also separate large size and small size to ensure flour quality.

3. Packing part

The third step, the packing machine can be manual or automatic weighting and packing.

Features of wheat flour mill machine

1. Roller mills are manufactured precisely and controlled by manual or pneumatic mode. It can make better grinding effect comparing with other ordinary mills.

2. Complete sets of large wheat flour mill machine adopt various configuration modes for different choices. There are streamlined design, reasonable layout, beautiful performance .

3. It can be installed on a steel frame structure or in a concrete building.

4. The large wheat flour mill machine is with advanced technical process and flexible adjustment.

5. Good after-sales service and spare parts is supplied for complete set of large wheat flour mill machine.

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10t wheat flour flow chart

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